Visualize three core quadrants

You have probably worked with the core quadrant theory of Daniel Offman before. I find this a very powerful model. And every time I work with it, I get new insights, or I get reminded of something that is relevant to my personal development.

If it fits for you,  you can, for instance, visualize your three core quadrants.

  1. What is a self-evident quality for yourself and for others? A quality that really belongs to you? What are you really good at? What were you good at when you were a kid? If you ask your parents this question, what will they answer?
    • To get a picture of your qualities, an overview of your successes and required qualities can help. See a screenshot here. Overzicht successen en benodigde kwaliteiten
    • What went or goes well? For instance, a project at work, a routine that you can easily manage, a smoothly running relationship with a colleague/ friend/ partner. Go back in time. What could you do well when you were a child? 
    • KLIK HIER voor hulpformulier Overzicht successen en benodigde kwaliteiten
      • Put in the left table the things that you have done well according to you (successes) 
      • Mention the qualities you needed and still need on the top axis
      • Put the crosses in the table at the appropriate quality (To even get a better sense for qualities and pitfalls, see this list: lijst-kernkwaliteiten-voorbeelden-uitgewerkt)
  2. Prioritizing
    • If you have completed the table, you can mark ten qualities that suit you the best.
    • Put these ten qualities in order of importance 
    • The top three qualities will most likely be your core qualities.
  3. Create for each of these three qualities a core quadrant
    • What is your challenge related to this?
    • And what behavior of others (it can also be yourself :-)) annoys you immensely? FUN: you can fill in a quadrant from all angles. Just start with behavior for which you are allergic. Down below the core quadrant in picture:

Kernkwadrant Daniel Offman

Kernkwadrant Daniel Offman

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The three core quadrants can be explained through this form: HIER voor Hulpformulier Zelfreflectie Persoonlijke Ontwikkeling kernkwadrant