Extra inspiration individual coaching


Welcome !!

Now you have access to a number of modules belonging to your personal coaching traject supported by Marianne Geurts.

You can just take a look and see what resonates. This will depend on what fits your request for help and your personal preferences. Note that our mind wants to get acknowledgment and tend to only ‘see’ messages fulfilling this need. So if you really want to get triggered to make progress, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and ‘train’ yourself to open up for new insights.

I have used material from Youtube that I think is inspiring. In some cases, I added self-developed material and a personal note. All with the aim of further increasing the impact of the personal coaching process. Some notes or videos are in Dutch since I did not found a proper alternative in English.

Enjoy this, though I know there is no growth without chaos…

Marianne Geurts