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Systemic coaching and organization setups for coaches-family constallator 
As a coach, you want to expand your experience in working with family constellations. You wish to utilize family and organization constellations more in your work. You already have a lot of basic knowledge and experience in doing family constellations, but you wish to deepen and improve your approach. You have ambition to have an impact as a coach in a natural and professional way that fits within this era. We then talk about doing table, structure, system, family and organization setups in a way that suits you and your client. But this is only one part of it all. You also wish to learn to make the hidden dynamic in an organization visible in other ways that create less resistance in terms of working methods. You know as well that personal family dynamics are directly related to work-related issues. Therefore, you want to discover how you can use this in an honest way.

For coaches
As a coach, you guide or wish to coach: people, teams and organizations with work-related requests for help.

Own approach
About 15 years ago I learned to apply the ideas and insights of Bert Hellinger as a constallator. I meanwhile developed this practical experience into a unique approach. Because my background is Business Administration and Human Resource Management, I have developed various applications that are accessible to deploy in coaching people, teams and organizations. These tools and insights provide you, as a coach, many more tools to guide people, teams and organizations towards more impact in a natural way.

This online and live training of 4 months is for coaches with basic experience in doing family constellations.

As a coach, you find it important to increase your impact by:

  • continue to work in its own way (authentic and practical), with even more impact
  • gain more confidence to apply “that what works well” more
  • to set  more in motion with less effort

What are we going to do? 

  • You learn how to recognize the personal family dynamics in the hidden dynamics of organizations
  • You learn how to apply systemic working in a natural way (without explanation, so that you do not get resistance in advance)
  • You learn to empower people more and discover their own solutions and resources using systematic working
  • You get the tools to turn problem thinking into solution-oriented thinking
  • You learn with applying systematic working, how to awaken even more potential; in people and between people
  • You increase your insights to look at a work setting in a systemic way (using table, structure, system, family and organization setups)
  • You learn how to apply the power of “the desired situation” (in combination with insights from Solution Focused Approach and Appreciative Inquiry)
  • You learn how systemic work contributes to actual behavioral change in people (including the functioning of the brain)

What is the result?

  • strengthen the effectiveness of your own personal coaching style
  • taking personal steps to increase the impact as a coach

Training form (?)

This training consists of 3 modules, spread over 4 months. You can follow this training individually or together with a maximum of 8 people. For groups, we will meet three times in person in Horst, North Limburg (duration of 4 to 6 hours, depending on the group size).

For individual programs, we meet five times live (duration of 2.5 hours).

In both situations, you will receive an online chapter (s) every two weeks with various inspiration and various assignments. You will have three times a skype coaching of half an hour. And you can submit questions, assignments and cases via the Forum.

During the live meetings, you can invite a colleague or client with a request for help to coach this client. With a dual purpose: 1) helping the customer and 2) reflecting/learning how you can combine your experience in doing family constellations with systemic work in organizations.

You will also receive a book about working systemically in work situations for support and inspiration.






Cursus Materials

You will receive a book related to this course at our first meeting.